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We help Hermosa Beach clients stand out with custom Website Design.


Delivering Bold and Thoughtful Digital Solutions

WebWorks LA is a solutions-focused digital agency in Los Angeles, specializing in strategy, branding, websites and digital growth.

We’re experts at designing and guiding tailored processes that deliver tangible results and powerful insights.


Everything You Need To Scale Your Business

We provide an all-in-one digital solution for businesses looking to scale. From strategy and branding to websites and digital growth solutions, we have everything you need to grow.

Web Design Company in Hermosa Beach

With years of experience in the industry, WebWorks LA has been producing top-notch web designs for Hermosa Beach since 2010. We have crafted all types of websites, from basic HTML to WordPress CMS, e-commerce, and custom applications. We take great care to customize each web design to perfectly fit the company’s unique needs. Our strong visual designs and graphics capture the attention of potential customers and draw them in to explore more of the site. After the design is perfected, we hand it off to our programming team to create a device responsive website, so that your new platform can be browsed across all different types of mobile and tablet applications. 

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Building Exceptional Website Designs in Hermosa Beach

Our Hermosa Beach web design firm has crafted exceptionally good websites for a wide array of businesses. This has enabled our customers to expand into new markets, cultivate and strengthen customer relations, and gain the necessary edge to be successful. Our team of experts and reliable procedures, working in unison, guarantee the highest quality web design.

Web Design Process in Hermosa Beach

1.  Website Discovery & Introduction 

Schedule a call with our team to begin website discovery and introductions. We offer a deeply collaborative process designed to leverage the talent and expertise of your organization’s team. We will work with you to establish clear conversion goals and KPIs that will guide us through the subsequent phases of the project and ensure we deliver a final product that supports your organization’s objectives.Your business needs are unique and we will take the time to listen and understand your values, your goals, and the challenges we will eventually help you overcome.

2. Sitemap

Once we have a clear understanding of your business, we start the project off with a sitemap. You can think of this as a skeleton outline of all of the pages for the website. The whole idea is to map out the scope of work so that both parties can be in agreement.

3. Wireframe

Wireframing involves laying out content and functionality for each web page. We establish the basic structure of each page before visual design and content is added. This is done by taking into consideration the typical user of your website, and their user journey.

4. Web Design

Once the sitemap and wireframes are established, it’s time to start adding some design. Using the structural elements of the wireframe, our web designers will add appearance to your website, incorporating colors, fonts, and images that relate to your business. 

5. Web Development

After a few rounds of web design, it’s time to develop the website. Essentially, this means bringing to life the design online. At WebWorks LA, we test the development of each website on a private subdomain. That way, clients can review the website online before it goes live on their actual domain. 

6. Transfer & Launch

Before launching a website on your domain, it’s important that you are 100% satisfied with the test site. Once we have approval, it’s time to make the transition. While this process can vary depending on several factors, we guarantee a successful transition & launch for your new website.

Hermosa Beach WordPress Websites

All of our websites are built with WordPress – an incredibly popular and versatile platform for website design that is used by approximately 810 million websites around the world (42% of all websites). The main reason for its popularity is its ease of use; WordPress is extremely user-friendly, and can be used to create stunning, modern websites without needing a deep knowledge of HTML or CSS. This makes it incredibly easy to teach our Hermosa Beach clients how to manage their websites themselves.

WordPress also offers a wide range of plugins and themes, allowing complete customization around the look and feel of websites. Additionally, WordPress is incredibly secure, and can be easily updated to ensure that websites remain safe from malicious attacks. Overall, WordPress is an excellent choice for website designers looking for an easy, fast, and secure way to create a website.

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